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Jenea Buhler She/her LCSW, ACLC, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic/Psychic healer

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What people are saying


“Working with Jenea has transformed me in ways I couldn't have known I needed. Jenea is naturally gifted, intuitive, and comforting. After just one session with her, I knew that this type of work is exactly what she is meant to do. If you are looking to open yourself up to more love, more possibilities, and to just feel better then I highly recommend working with her. Jenea will help you pursue the highest version of yourself. And as she always reminds me--it is already all within you. She just helps you open the door to receiving it and deeply knowing your own gifts. Thank you Jenea for helping me create more beauty in my life and a life beyond my wildest dreams.”


"I don't know how to explain the long term effects of something like working with Jenea. I only know that our time together has helped to steer my life toward my greater purpose and embolden me to stand strong in who I am. Her commitment to universal inclusion, the beauty of simplicity and the power of self is interwoven in any material she teaches, which is ultimately what makes her such a great teacher: one who walks wisely with great knowledge and let's you know you can do it. I'm forever grateful."


“My experience with Jenea is unlike any other therapy or energy healing I’ve explored. There is a profound connection in session and Jenea can sense things I have not said aloud to even myself. Her shamanic and energy work has helped me to process and release deep-seated grief, fear, and strong emotions. I have a better understanding of my past experiences and their place in the story of my life. I leave with a feeling of lightness, of freedom, and of becoming whole. Ultimately, I am more clearly hearing my own intuition and inner knowing. “ ~


Jenea is nothing short of exemplary in her skills as both a clinician of psychotherapy as well as reiki/shamanic healing. She is kind-hearted, warm, and is loving toward all peoples. At first, I was hesitant toward the reiki/shamanic approach on meeting some of my intrinsic goals by using these ‘alternative’ methods. She approached this hesitation with grace, ease, and showed me through her practices- the benefits of attacking my internal struggles from a variety of different angles- notably so in a holistic, shamanic approach. I encourage anyone who is questioning whether this may or may not work for them, to please give it a try. It is certainly worth the money (it’s affordable, too, by the way) and open yourself to this incredible experience. I am grateful for the progresses I have made in myself whilst being her client, and continue to look forward at future progression. Give this a try, it works wonders. I am now a believer in this type of work. Thank you, Jenea. 

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